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Best Hacks to Remove These 6 Common Carpet Stains

Best DIY Hacks to Remove These 6 Common Carpet Stains

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Are you struggling to remove stains from your carpet? We’ve created a straightforward stain removal guide: ‘Best Hacks to Remove These 6 Common Carpet Stains’ to help people like you stop wasting time with generic home remedies that don’t work and start getting rid of stains from your carpet. For our step by step guide just click on the purple link: Best-DIY-Hacks-to-Remove-These-6-Common-Carpet-Stains Stubborn stains persisting? Too busy? Or are you more ‘Done for you’ than ‘DIY’? ‘Contact / Quote / Book’ on our website will give you an instant online quote to have one of our trained carpet cleaning technicians assist you. We often hear from people who say that we have removed stains that hadn’t come out previously. ‘Excellent…

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About Your Booking…

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We’re looking forward to seeing you soon! If you have any questions about your appointment, you should find the answers in this quick 2 minute video. PAYMENT You can pay by cash or card on the day. If you’d like to bank transfer before your appointment, let us know and we will send you our bank details. You can also pay by cheque if you’ve prearranged it with us. PREPARATION Our technicians will happily move smaller items of furniture, but for your safety & ours,we work around larger items such as TV cabinets and beds. Please prepare your area by removing larger debris such as rubbish and hair clips. ACCESS You can meet your technician on site, or prearrange a…

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NiceThreads Carpet Cleaning Townsville Social Distancing Covid19

Let’s All Work Together (Covid-19)

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In light of recent events, we would be most appreciative of your assistance and co-operation in conducting operations as safely as possible. PROPERTY ACCESS AND SOCIAL DISTANCING Please allow our technician to move about your property freely without impinging on the required social distance of 1.5 metres. If at all possible, please vacate the property or stay outside during the cleaning process. You may meet our technicians on site to arrange access, or pre-arrange a safe location for keys to be left in your absence. If you have a driveway, please leave a spot clear for us if possible so that we may run hoses and equipment into your premises as efficiently as possible. Please advise us if you are…

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Coronavirus cleaning Townsville

Infection Control – Coronavirus/COVID-19

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The current recommendation from the Department of Health is that: ‘Regular cleaning of your environment, at home, in your car and at work is essential.’ In light of the recent developments regarding Coronavirus/COVID-19, we have reviewed our policies and procedures with a strict focus on the  health, well-being and safety of our customers, our staff and ourselves. Infection Control Training To this end, one of the many steps we have taken is to complete the Australian Government Department of Health’s online training module on Coronavirus/COVID-19 Infection Control so that we can best serve our Townsville community safely and effectively. We also encourage anyone working in sectors including health, education, aged care, disability or cleaning services to complete the online training…

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Laminate Floor Cleaning Townsville

Laminate Floor Cleaning – Quick 4-Step Guide to Save You From Disaster!

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If you want a timber look floor without the heavy cost of wood flooring, it’s hard to look past laminate flooring or floating floor boards. They’re so popular with the ever-increasing number of DIY enthusiasts as a low cost way to create a significant impact when doing a reno or flipping houses. But a word to the wise – if not cleaned properly, you will find yourself needing to pull them up, replace them and start all over again. What are the DO’s and DON’Ts? Understandably, people naturally use water when cleaning flooring surfaces, but the problem with laminate flooring is that water is its enemy! Moisture warps and weakens it. Often the lamella is only 5mm thin and it…

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Sustainability - Our Journey to a Greener Earth...

Sustainability – Our Journey to a Greener Earth

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Have You Heard of Greenwashing? Greenwashing is when a business or organisation spends more time and money claiming to be ‘green’ through advertising and marketing than actually doing anything to minimise their environmental impact. We didn’t want to be greenwashers!! So we made ourselves accountable. We made a concentrated effort to ensure that green practices actually overarch everything that happens in our daily work life. Here’s how… We made ‘Eco Friendly’ timeslots so that when you are booking through our self-booking system, we highlight times which are ‘Eco Friendly’ and will result in lower fuel consumption for travel to your job. We have developed a sophisticated stock management system which reduces wastage. We repurpose any assets which may no longer…

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Nice Threads Carpet Cleaner Townsville how to remove dog wee from carpet

So your pet has peed on the carpet… What now?

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We all love our furry friends, but unfortunately they sometimes leave behind unwanted surprises. You try to clean as best you can, but an unpleasant odour remains… What can you do? Generally speaking, pet urine is a simple fix as long as you get to it straight away before any of it dries. When fresh it’s a simple matter of blotting up as much as possible with paper towel. Then apply your cleaning agent (making sure the product is appropriate for your fibre type), work it in gently, blot and then rinse with clean water and blot again. If it dries and you have a yellow stain or an odour it’s beyond the area of DIY. You will need professional…

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6 simple steps to happiness by Nice Threads Carpet Cleaning Townsville

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Do you want to get rid of bad energy? Follow our 6 simple steps to happiness.   WHAT IS YOUR HOUSE SAYING ABOUT YOU AND YOUR LIFE? The idea for this blog came after I received feedback from a customer who said: ‘After your guys did such a wonderful job professionally deep cleaning our carpets today, I immediately felt so much lighter and happier. This has given me the inspiration I need to get on to the rest of my projects! Thank you so much!’ It made me reflect on something that I have found to be very true – that any stagnant area of the home will eventually express itself in areas of your life. Look around your house….

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Jute Rugs – Things You Should Know

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They are a beautiful addition to modern home furnishings, they’re made from biodegradable plant material, and you can pick them up for a very reasonable price from Kmart, Spotlight, Big W, Adairs or nearly any carpet or rug store. Jute rugs sound perfect right? Well they can be, as long as you know their limitations. When Jute Gets Wet… When wet, jute will release oils of brown and yellow colouring. This ‘cellulose browning’ will transfer to and stain items it comes into contact with. So if your jute rug has become wet, move it away from carpet, clothes or other items which may become affected. Jute will require assisted drying as it is highly absorbent and susceptible to mildew. Odour…

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DIY Carpet Cleaning – 9 Great Tips from a Pro

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If you are looking at DIY carpet cleaning, here are some of our tips. You can rent a steam cleaner from a supermarket, Bunnings or a vacuum shop. If you pick up the machine late in the day, some places may let you keep the machine until the next day – it won’t hurt to ask. You will be looking at around $60-$120 but remember the detergent costs are additional to the rental fee. Or, you may prefer to buy a carpet shampooer – plan to spend $100 to $1000 or more. The more expensive models may have more powerful water jets and suction, and some have a heating element to keep the water hot which will produce a better…

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