Sustainability - Our Journey to a Greener Earth...

Sustainability – Our Journey to a Greener Earth

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Have You Heard of Greenwashing?

Greenwashing is when a business or organisation spends more time and money claiming to be ‘green’ through advertising and marketing than actually doing anything to minimise their environmental impact.

We didn’t want to be greenwashers!!

So we made ourselves accountable. We made a concentrated effort to ensure that green practices actually overarch everything that happens in our daily work life. Here’s how…

  • We made ‘Eco Friendly’ timeslots so that when you are booking through our self-booking system, we highlight times which are ‘Eco Friendly’ and will result in lower fuel consumption for travel to your job.
  • We have developed a sophisticated stock management system which reduces wastage.
  • We repurpose any assets which may no longer suit their original intended purpose.
  • Wherever practicable we buy local to reduce the transport related impact on our carbon footprint (with the added benefit of supporting other local businesses like ourselves!).
  • We comply with all applicable laws, regulations and other environmentally oriented requirements.
  • Everyone in our team is encouraged and rewarded for innovative suggestions that lead to an improvement in sustainability.
  • We maintain a ‘less paper’ office and issue invoices and perform admin functions electronically.
  • For any paper that is used, we have a repurposing system to ensure that each and every piece is used to its full potential before ultimately being sent for recycling.
  • We request that business correspondence such as bank statements, invoices etc are received (and then stored) electronically.
  • Having cloud based systems means that we can work from anywhere, reducing the need for travel and providing an added benefit of a faster response time in all of our work.
  • We never rest on our laurels. We continually seek and encourage input as to how we may improve on our commitment to sustainability.
  • Our pièce de résistance, however, the development of which we are the most proud, is our all-encompassing ‘EVO-T’ green cleaning system.

Evo-T Sustainable Carpet Cleaning is a bipartite system that combines our behind the scenes sustainable practices together with a new cleaning technology that:

  • Is the most environmentally compliant compared to any other method
  • Does not create any toxic waste water
  • Consumes 90% less water than traditional methods
  • Is ultra-efficient in its cleaning capability
  • Uses machinery that is very quiet

We all leave a footprint on the Earth and operating a business means that we are creating an impact on a larger scale. We want to make sure it is a good impact.

So now we give you the choice, just ask us… Steam Clean or Green Clean?
Thank you for helping us on our journey to ensure that our planet will meet the needs of future generations. We hope you feel good about your contribution to making a greener Earth.

‘We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children’ – Native American Proverb

Nice Threads Carpet Cleaner Townsville how to remove dog wee from carpet

So your pet has peed on the carpet… What now?

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We all love our furry friends, but unfortunately they sometimes leave behind unwanted surprises. You try to clean as best you can, but an unpleasant odour remains…

What can you do?
Generally speaking, pet urine is a simple fix as long as you get to it straight away before any of it dries. When fresh it’s a simple matter of blotting up as much as possible with paper towel. Then apply your cleaning agent (making sure the product is appropriate for your fibre type), work it in gently, blot and then rinse with clean water and blot again.
If it dries and you have a yellow stain or an odour it’s beyond the area of DIY. You will need professional help and not just from any carpet cleaner.
Some cleaners may claim and may appear to have resolved the issue with a general clean and treatment with a ‘Urine Free’ product, however, if they don’t remove the source, or chemically modify it, the odour WILL return. Think of a smell in the fridge – you may be able to spray some vanilla fridge wipe and it will mask the odour, but unless you remove the source (rotting food) the odour returns.
You have a few choices in regards to the pet odour in your lounge, rug or carpet – put up with it, replace it, or go through what can sometimes be a lengthy elimination process.

Can it be fixed?
A lot will depend on the volume of urine and how far it soaked down past the fabric or carpet and into the foam or underlay and beyond. Or if it is has been trapped between tightly woven fibres of a rug for instance.
The problem with urine is that it is the Jekyll and Hyde of all stains. It goes on as a mild acid which is relatively harmless and if attended to quickly poses no real damage. However once it’s allowed to dry the rules change dramatically because it turns from a mild acid to a highly alkaline stain and that’s when the problems begin.
Dealing with it effectively without causing secondary problems depends on how quickly it’s attended to and what cleaning agents are used.
Due to the alkalinity and dwell time required to achieve a satisfactory result, there are risks to cleaning urine affected carpet, upholstery and rugs which may include but are not limited to fibre breakage, rippling and discoloration.

Will the odour go?
Can we eliminate the odour entirely or to an acceptable level? Well, the results of our treatment would be uncertain until we proceed through the process – pet odours can permeate not just the face and subsurface fibres which we treat, but the substrate and other absorbent surfaces used in the construction of your lounge or carpet, or the tightly woven fibre or backing of your rug. If the area has been significantly affected, then it may not be possible to completely eliminate the odour. Or subsequent treatment/s may be required. It may appear that the problem has been dealt with, but it can take multiple approaches to actually remove it.

Supermarket Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal Products…
Using household products can cause further damage and reduce the effectiveness of some treatment processes. According to the manufacturers of urine treatment products, the enzymes will not work effectively if there are residual detergents etc mixed in with the urine deposit. It is important for us to know if you have attempted cleaning yourself because another step would need to be added to our process to remove as many residuals as possible before continuing with our usual treatment process.

Now that you’re armed with all the information, only you can answer the most important question – Put up with it, replace it, or clean it?

6 simple steps to happiness by Nice Threads Carpet Cleaning Townsville

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Do you want to get rid of bad energy? Follow our 6 simple steps to happiness.



The idea for this blog came after I received feedback from a customer who said:

‘After your guys did such a wonderful job professionally deep cleaning our carpets today, I immediately felt so much lighter and happier. This has given me the inspiration I need to get on to the rest of my projects! Thank you so much!’

It made me reflect on something that I have found to be very true – that any stagnant area of the home will eventually express itself in areas of your life.

Look around your house. Is your outer life experience mirroring your inner home experience?

Are you having ‘unpleasant’, ‘unsuccessful’ and ‘unlucky’ experiences?

Dirt and dust = stagnant and stuck.

Your house is like a sponge! Whatever takes place in your environment is absorbed into the walls, furniture, carpet, ceilings, and objects. These negative energies accumulate and are tucked away in places you can’t even see.


A good suggestion to get out of a rut is to use good old fashioned elbow grease. So it might be time to get to work!

Whenever we give our home a thorough cleaning, there is an automatic lifting of our spirits. We feel more at ease and relaxed. It is as if our home is smiling and saying thank you!

Feel good in your space, step into a new way of being. Renew your home. Purify. Then, fill it with a happy and healthy energy of excitement.

Just a couple of quick, easy things can make a huge difference! Here are some quick tips to get you out of your dirty rut and into a prosperous groove…


Open your windows and doors right up, turn on your fans and let the fresh air and sunshine fill your home. This is the best thing you can do to welcome new, fresh and flowing energy into your life.

In feng shui having a positive flow of energy (chi) is said to result in the positive flow of health, money and love.

Even just a few minutes of fresh air can push lingering negativity out the door. Feel the freshness coming inside!


Even if you can’t see negative energy, you can feel it. Have you ever visited someone else’s home and it just didn’t feel right? Or have you visited someone’s home and it felt light and positive and happy? Spending just a small part of your day cleaning, sorting and removing bad energy can really improve your life.

Vacuuming is my favourite thing – especially behind furniture. This is where energy can really get trapped.

Sometimes when vacuuming I find myself moving forward and back, forward and back, forward and back over the same space. If I check my vac bag I see an amazing amount of dirt, fur and debris. How could this be? The carpet didn’t even look that dirty! After I finish, I sometimes have the urge to re-vacuum and see if there’s anything left to pick up – and there is! From this simple act of vacuuming, I fully realised how much debris we become clueless to in our homes.

Most of the time, the reason we feel stuck in our lives is because we have this residual gunk handing around. It needs to be cleaned up to allow us to continue moving forward. If it hangs around too long, it will likely cause dis-ease in the forms of anxiety, frustration, depression, weight gain and general dissatisfaction.


To keep things fresh and flowing it’s important to clear out any unwanted clutter… and keep it that way.

Negative energy needs things to hang on to, so by keeping your home clutter free you’re not giving it a chance to hang around.

Don’t hold onto things you can no longer use. Either pack stuff up and put it away or throw it out. Put together a donation bag and get rid of the old, unwanted aspects of your life to create a free pathway of chi and energy into your life.


Once a year, or as needed, get your carpets, rugs, couches and mattresses STEAM cleaned.

Why steam? It’s hot and it’s water so it will clean REALLY well without hurting anything or leaving behind any kind of soapy residue.

Some people get their carpets cleaned or use grocery store carpet cleaning products and equipment only to find they need to do it again and again and again because the carpets get dirtier faster and faster and faster.

Why is this? It’s because of the soap-based cleaning products that stay behind in the fibres. And soap is sticky, right? That’s where all the dirt is coming from: it’s being attracted by all that soap that is left behind. Those rental machines can not sufficiently extract the residue because they operate under such low pressure compared to a professional truck-mounted machine.

Carpets, furniture and mattresses take the most abuse throughout the year and hold in more dust, grime and negative energy than other surfaces.  Professionally cleaning these items will make a significant shift in a room’s feel.


The bedroom area is really, really important! When we’re sleeping our subconscious is putting everything in perspective and reprogramming our life.

You actually spend a lot of time in the bedroom and when you sleep you are breathing in everything that’s in the room.

Make your bedroom your own little sanctuary of paradise and that’s what you will create.

  • Give the bed a good airing too and make a point to clean under the bed as well.
  • Wipe down the blinds and wash the curtains, bedsheets and blankets.
  • Have a good quality mattress if you can, but do make sure it is clean!
  • Vacuum, (yes, vacuum!) the mattress and flip it.
  • Have your mattress steam cleaned regularly as well. Mattresses are a haven for things like dead skin cells, dust, mites, pet mess, you name it. Just as with your carpets and other soft furnishings, a deep steam clean will welcome fresh, clean, organised thoughts and ideas.
  • Another good idea is to refresh your decor by changing out anything that you no longer absolutely love.

You will function so much better in your life when you sleep well. Create a dreamy space and watch miracles happen!


Bring nature inside and immediately feel the difference! Plants and flowers add colour, life, oxygen and positive energy to your home.

Put plants in your front entrance and kitchen for the best feng shui – this really welcomes new life. As well as indoor plants, think fragrant herbs and vibrant blooms. Your own yard will no doubt reveal some beautiful hidden gems that you can use.

Or you may also like to visit a florist and find a gorgeous bouquet which makes your heart sing (we love Otto’s Fresh Flower Market!).

A clean house is a happy house, so now that you’ve rejuvenated your home with some elbow grease and feng shui, just sit back in delight and watch your dreams come true.